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  1. Wow, that’s actually so fitting, since it was around that age that my life pretty much ended when I gave up on it!

    Nothing like a nervous breakdown to really screw up your life! It does make sense that a lot of people give up on living their own lives and just accept whatever comes along as what is meant to be.

    I just stop and think about how many people around 75 are bitter and very angry about everything they missed out on in life. Both my parents ended up in nursing homes so I have seen this too many times.

    It can be very frustrating, considering what I have missed out on in my life. The most I can do now is try to make the best of what time I do have left so I won’t become one of those miserable old cronies in the nursing home!

    1. Thanks for being so honest Randy. Yes Benjamin Franklin’s quote is not only so fitting for some people, but it’s the way the majority of us live our lives. We’re living our lives, but we’re not really living; we’re existing.

      Yes it often takes something like our parents’ going into a nursing home to make us sit up and think about our own lives and why we must change the way we do things. My parents existed in their lives too on so many fronts.

  2. This quote holds true for so many people. Sometimes they think that the best time of their lives ends in their twenties. But actually the best part of life comes later, when we really come to love and accept ourselves for who we are.

    Then live the rest of our lives loving what God has shown and given us. Enjoying every day is how we should live truly. Being bitter about the past and ageing really doesn’t get us anywhere.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes it’s a hard one for many; we do tend to live our life in the way you suggest.

      Unfortunately society’s expectations often dictate how people are supposed to behave at certain points in their lives, but that shouldn’t always be the case. Of course we all will go through difficult times with things that we have to deal with; that will test us to the limit, but it is vitally important that we don’t give up too early.

      As my mother used to say, ‘you’re a long time dead,’ and she’d be right. We must always try to make the best of things whilst we can and are here.

      Always making and thinking the best, will help us come through so we can live our lives; rather than just exist.

  3. Great quote. I suspect we all know people who give up on life early in their lives for various reasons.

    It is a shame when this happens, for we all have the ability to change things with the aim of living a more fulfilled life rather than just existing.

    1. Unfortunately we’re not all given the tools, but I agree with you that we fundamentally can live our lives, rather than just exist.

      How we deal with our lives is a mindset/perception thing, we just have to learn how and what works for us to bring about change, so that we don’t just exist.

      We’re not born knowing, we have to learn how to bring about change.

  4. Some people wake up in the morning and do pretty much the same thing every day, without having any kind of a positive effect on those around them.

    1. Thanks Marty and welcome to the site. I believe you’re right. I know someone personally who chooses to live his life in this way.
      The sad reality for anyone who lives their life this way, is that sooner or later they can make themselves ill, I have seen that happen too.

      Lastly thanks again for posting, I hope to see you back on the site soon.

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