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  1. Yes, one of the biggest problems in the world today is self-centeredness and everybody wanting to keep the best of things for themselves.

    We have countries where people are dying from obesity and others where people are dying from starvation, but people don’t seem to really care. What does that say about people as a whole?

    The saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ because it isn’t happening in our backyards, we don’t have to think about.

    I have faced hunger myself, which is probably why I over eat now. I can’t sleep well if my stomach feels empty, even at times when it isn’t.

    Just one of so many issues in the world today and something we could easily fix if we worked together.

    Because so many people are selfish the only time this would happen is when it’s a matter of survival and even then I’m sure it would be nearly impossible to do.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, you only have to look out into the world to see that much is true, in governments particularly.

      These things are easily fixed. As you say we just need to work together. To want to help one another and find ways to fix the world more.

      I think the more technological the world has become the less important people have become. We tend to also rely on ‘things’ instead of people.

  2. We live in a very special era, where each and everyone of us knows that humanity must reset or else. But it wouldn’t be enough just to reset, since we’ve entered a more sophisticated realm of evil and confusion.

    Perhaps we need to get rid of today’s version of what it means to be human first.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re right, humanity must reset. Honestly, I believe we know what we need to do, through stress we’re just not seeing it.

      We’ve lost sight of how humanity is supposed to go. We must be caring, compassionate, tolerant and empathetic. We’re not seeing any of those things in society.

      I think you’re right, we seem to have entered a more sophisticated realm of evil and confusion. We’re not trying hard enough to do things any better. For whatever reason we’re not caring.

  3. Great quote. We live in dark times where spirituality and human kindness have been relegated to the depths and have been replaced by selfishness and greed.

    If ever there was a time to reset, that time is now.

    1. Thanks. Yes. I agree with your response. We are living in dark times where spirituality and human kindness have been compromised.

      People seem to be turning their attentions away from each other instead of working together for the greater good.

      It’s never too late to revert back. That time must be now.

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