6 thoughts on “A bewildering world

  1. Could it be that our brains are too small to be so imaginative about existence? People are more bewildering than the world.

    1. Thanks Tim. There’s a lot of truth in what you say. I agree people are more bewildering than the world.

      We can learn more about our world through listening, watching, participation and understanding, but we never truly get to know the workings of the human brain. We spend our lives trying to work people out and where we think we know, we find we don’t.

    1. I’m not sure I completely agree with you. I think our lack of understanding can make the world a more bewildering place.

      The more we come to understand; the less bewildering it will seem.

  2. I think that life itself is bewildering. One minute we think we have things figured out and God throws us a fastball and we strike out badly.

    Life is hard; we must gear up for a bumpy ride and smile at all the ups and downs. Cause for sure, life is never boring.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree. We certainly seem to be kept on our toes. As you say, when we think we have things worked out, something goes and upsets the applecart.

      As they say, ‘What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,’ and I believe that to be true. The more bumps in the road we have to navigate and the more we come through those bumps; the more we learn and grow, the stronger we become.

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