A break from work

A passing thought:

How many of us take time off work if we have no plans to go away? It’s just as important to take a few days off, to bring calm back in our lives. We should slow down and recharge our batteries.

Go to a museum, go out for something to eat, go for a walk. Spend time either by yourself, with your family if you have one and savour those moments.

Bring a sense of calm into your life. That way you’ll be more inclined to want to repeat the process and experiences all over again.

17 Jul, 2011

6 thoughts on “A break from work

  1. I never take a break. I know I need to, but I just can’t find the right time.

    We were going on cruises about every two years but haven’t been on one since 2009 and don’t see us going anytime soon.

    I know I need to take a holiday, but there is always something coming up or happening to not let it be.

    1. Lisa you are the only one that can make this happen. There will always be things for you to do, that’s the nature of our busy hurried lives we live; but I am believe if you want it to happen you can make the time.

      You just have to say no to the things that are stopping you.

      You sound as though you could do with a break. I hope you manage to make that time.

  2. I’ve never really even taken a vacation, so I don’t know what it’s like to take a break.

    I know I should do that while the weather is nice here in Maine. I’ll have to try it out sometime soon!

    1. Whether it’s a holiday abroad or a break from work just chilling, any time out from our usual routine is good for us.

      I hope you manage one soon Randy.

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