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  1. I think this is so important to understand and really practice it.

    Here on Earth we don’t know when our time is up, so spend as much time as possible with friends and loved one’s and cherish each day and each minute.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. You’re right, but it’s also the reason why it’s important to make sure we’re happy with those people in our lives and if they’re doing something to hurt or offend us, we say something.

      We cannot always change circumstances that have passed, particularly when it comes to limited control on our part, but it doesn’t mean we can’t say something further down the line and as long as it’s conciliatory, the other person must sit up and listen.

  2. Yes, the reality is that we just never know what amount of time we really have. I find it hard to believe at times I’m actually 48 years old, but it seems like the time passed in the blink of an eye.

    I have spent most of it focused on taking care of other people’s needs and ignoring my own which is what I was forced to do as a kid. My life seemed to be very unimportant other than what I could provide for my parents when they were supposed to be taking care of us.

    The worst part is that I don’t think they could ever fully comprehend what they had done to us. In the end I can’t change the past so I have to focus on the present and to make the best of what time I have now!

    1. I think you’re right Randy. We don’t know what’s round the corner or what time we have left and I agree with your sentiment.

      No one can change their past, but we can change how we perceive our past. That is so important.

  3. The trouble is, we’re too conscious of time in my opinion, almost imprisoned by it. Always trying to beat the clock, as if we’re the mastermind behind our future; that just isn’t so.

    What are we chasing after in our window of time? Or, are we just trying to keep time from closing in on us?

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, we’re always trying to turn back the clock on ageing. Some of us aren’t willing to work through the ageing process and tend to do everything and anything to stop that from happening. That’s one element.

      I believe though that as a nation we do struggle with time or not meeting time when we’re supposed to, but I’m not sure we’re consciously aware of time in that way, or we think we have more time than we have and then find we haven’t.

      I agree with your final sentence Tim. I think time does close in on us, sometimes too late.

  4. I very much agree Ilana, thank you. I’ve noticed I’m happier with the people I love that are around to visit and such! The clock never stops ticking, so soak up as much as possible.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. That’s good. Because the clock never stops ticking; it’s even more important we choose wisely and keep the stress at bay.

      If that means walking away from the things or people that make us stressful, then that’s the way it has to be.

  5. We are obsessed with time for good reason; it’s finite and yet we don’t really appreciate it until we look back and wonder where it has all gone.

    Perhaps we should open less time thinking about doing and just doing.

    1. Yes I agree. We tend to spend too much time thinking about doing and not enough doing.

      Just imagine how enriched our lives and we would be, if we took the plunge on things sooner than we do. Not only would we cram more into our lives, but we’d come through the other end different people, also.

      Even though we don’t appreciate time until we look back, we also lose track of what’s important, because we think we’ve got time. We don’t appreciate what we’ve got when we’ve got it. That’s also a time thing.

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