8 thoughts on “A Carrie Bradshaw quote

  1. I think I’ve done about all the screwing up I can for 10 lifetimes, so now I should be able to get things right!

    Wisdom does come with age and I have definitely learned what NOT to do in life! I’m trying so very hard to do the right things, like be a good father and partner.

    The hardest part for me is letting go of the things I cannot change.

    1. Thanks Randy. I agree with you that wisdom does come with age. We not only learn through our experiences, but I believe we grow through our experiences too. even the ones we screw up on! I believe you have, but sometimes we will get stuck along the way.

      It’s a case of us finding ways to get unstuck. I’m sure you’ll continue to work things out.

  2. Some people say we’re only as good as our last move, but I never believed that. I stumble upon a learning curve every single day and I keep growing and growing by virtue of my mistakes.

    My screw ups in life have developed me for something greater and I’ve screwed up enough to have every opportunity to grow.

    1. Thanks Tim. I’m with you on your thoughts.

      Mistakes shape us. Many of us will learn from our mistakes, but there will always be a select few who will continue to make mistakes without learning how or why they have made mistakes.

      I think when we have the ability to understand how or why something happens, we will come to understand both sides of the coin. It’s life, to some degree it’s inevitable We will make mistakes, but we will also have opportunities for things to go or to be put right.

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