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  1. This is a great quote. We mustn’t concentrate on the past other than to learn from it, and change what we need to, avoid repetition.

    The best way to do and understand that, is to look at what can do in the now and to positively focus on that. That’s not always easy but with time, and help if we need it that’s where we should be.

    1. That’s right. If I had have concentrated on the past I would have stayed stuck there. I believe that no matter how bad our past is we should always use it as a stepping stone to change our future.

      Yes, it’s hard, in certain cases it may seem impossible, but living with hope and believing our lives will change, can bring about a different thinking from us and new possibilities.

      It is important we keep an open mind. That is exactly what happened to me. I never gave up hope that one day my time would come.

  2. My regrets are using me for a good reason, so I feel comfortable even when I’m tormented sometimes.

    It means that I can move forward without making the same mistakes, hopefully.

    1. Thanks Tim. You’re right on both counts. Our regrets are there for us to learn so that we don’t make the same mistake twice.

      The problem some of us have is that we’re so annoyed with ourselves because we’ve made a mistake, we’re not willing to accept or acknowledge our mistake and that sets us on a course of making more mistakes.

      Instead what we should be doing is look at our mistakes and ask ourselves how we could have done things differently to produce a more successful outcome.

      Mistakes are lessons for us to learn. Sadly, we don’t learn.

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