8 thoughts on “A Charles Darwin quote

  1. To survive in this world we have to change and go with the flow. Staying in the past, doesn’t accomplish anything but keeping us stuck.

  2. I think it’s more about navigating change, rather than being responsive to change to ensure survival.

    In reading this quote, one may assume that all change is good or acceptable. I’d rather study the particulars of any change before I adapt to it.

    1. How we navigate change is important Tim and in some circumstances may be even more important, you’re right. We must be open to how we navigate change.

      If we’re not aware of how to navigate change we won’t be responsive to change. If we’re able to navigate change we will have more opportunity to be responsive to that change.

  3. Yes, the most important ability to survive is being able to adapt and change. I’ve always been great at adapting, but had such a hard time with change.

    I’m trying to learn how to be able to do both!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes change is something many of us struggle with, but the fact that you’ve always been great at adapting means that you’re probably better with change than you think you are!

      If you can adapt into a new set of circumstances and you’re okay with that, you’re already there.

  4. I agree with Tim. This quote needs some qualification and context. Change for change’s sake is not always good and I think Darwin was studying evolution of species over time and geographical area.

    We all change as we grow, but not always successfully.

    1. I’ll second that. Even through change, not everyone will grow for the better.

      I am sure we all know of people who fit this description. People I know have either never changed at all because they choose not to, or have changed for the worst, not the better.

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