6 thoughts on “A Charles Dickens quote

    1. Thank you, yes I agree. This philosophy should be something each and everyone of us implement in our life.

      This is what life is about. Without it we will have very little peace.

  1. I mostly like the part about the heart that never hardens. With all of life’s ups and downs it’s hard not to let your heart turn sour.

    There are lessons to be learned with each experience, we must take the bad with a grain of salt…there is always good things in life to balance it out.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes there are always good things in life to balance it out, but it’s not always easy to see what they are, but I absolutely agree with your philosophy.

  2. Beautiful quote! If we knew how to live in this world and not be completely of it, we may actually achieve what Charles Dickens is saying here. But some of us must come full circle before we see the light.

    1. You’re right, but I’m not sure how many of us will or do. Perhaps that’s why the world seems to be ‘so messed up.’

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