4 thoughts on “A Charles F Glassman quote

  1. When our intentions are pure intentions, we are selfless, genuine and authentic.

    Where we don’t have ulterior motives, but care about how we make other people feel and the universe will ensure our karma is rewarded accordingly.

    1. Sadly ‘ulterior motives’ will always come under ‘abuse’ because there should be no ‘ulterior motive’ – our intentions must be pure for us to have ‘success.’

      In my book, no matter what we’re dealing with, we must care.

  2. I agree with Brad, when your intentions are pure karma will be there when you need it; no one can take that away from you.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, it would never be karma’s intention to take something away in that sense.

      But good karma is not always received, not because of something you do, but something someone else does. Usually true around monetary wealth. I hope that makes sense.

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