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  1. I assume most people are good people with good thoughts, but there are those who believe in things that threaten us all. As a matter of fact, history has shown that what people believe, sincerely; can have devastating consequences.

    It kind of explains how we got to this awful place, where conflict and hate is costing lives; all because of what someone believes, so it really matters.

    1. Thanks Tim. I think it depends on what our beliefs are, but beliefs are sometimes taken to the extreme or taken out of context; depending on our perceptions.

      As long as our beliefs don’t impact other people there is no harm in having those beliefs, but where beliefs start to impact other people, then yes those beliefs do matter; you’re right.

  2. I am sure if you asked any fascist, dictator or radical activist today he would argue that he was sincere in his beliefs and actions. That judgement is not up to the person but for the collective.

    And as Tim says, actions start with beliefs and history has taught us beliefs in themselves can be dangerous.

    1. I’m not sure how much is what we truly believe or is due to circumstance and then we come to believe. I agree, it’s not for us to judge for ourselves, but for others to judge; as you say.

      When beliefs give us a purpose, I think that’s fine. I agree with both you and Tim that beliefs can be dangerous when those beliefs are taken to the extreme.

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