8 thoughts on “A Charles Warner quote

  1. I agree. We just need the necessities in life to live. What’s the use in having a lot of stuff; you can’t take it with you.

    1. Simplicity can also be about downsizing on how much material wealth we accumulate over the years, I agree; but the biggest advantage of simplifying our lives is dealing with our issues that cause us to carry baggage in the first place. Thanks Lisa.

  2. As we all carry our baggage with us, I guess it makes sense to lighten the load so that we just carry the minimum and no more. Nice quote.

    1. I agree with you on both. Yes it is a nice quote and given that emotionally, baggage can make us physically ill, it’s an advantage just to carry the minimum and no more.

  3. I like this quote. It’s true we need to leave some stuff behind in life, otherwise the load is too heavy and it causes emotional trauma, which is bad for us.

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