4 thoughts on “A Christian Baloga quote

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, ‘ignorance is contaminating this beautiful earth’ – you’re right and we must all do better.

      Through my disability I still meet with ignorance and discrimination. As a child, there was ignorance around me. We’re killing ourselves in the name of ignorance. We should all be looking out for each other.

      I go back to empathy, tolerance and compassion, because that is all it would take. It’s not to say some of us aren’t doing it, but we should all be doing it.

  1. No such thing as freak, we’re all unique. Tim is right and history has taught us there is nothing more dangerous than ignorance.

    1. Thanks. Yes, agreed. We absolutely are unique. Sadly, I have been and am still subjected to people’s ignorance around my disability. In 57 years it’s never been spoken about.

      But there is ignorance that is more dangerous than what I have been subjected to. The Coronavirus is testament to that, we must do better, particularly when lives are at risk.

      My disability was never a risk, more an inconvenience.

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