4 thoughts on “A Coldplay quote

  1. Nice quote. I think we would all prefer to be on our journey, faced with options and choices, rather than at the end of it.

    1. I never really think or equate my life like that. I’m not sure we do.

      We can’t always anticipate what will happen in our life or how our life will play out, so it’s not always easy to know whether we’d like to be the comma or the full stop. I know people who have struggled who haven’t always wanted to carry on.

      Either way it’s important to be happy, content and at peace, whatever stage we’re at. That way we’re more likely to want to be the comma, as opposed to the full stop.

  2. Inside this thinking I agree with Brad, who interpreted this quote brilliantly. But there should be rest stops along the way.

    I’d like to stop, curl up, leave the rat race and hear the wind ricocheting off trees, for a little while anyway.

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