4 thoughts on “A Confucius quote

  1. This is very true. The big man has confidence for the most part, in his abilities to complete things. The smaller man has doubts in himself so he seeks the help of others, because of low confidence in himself.

    The smaller man should learn to observe his mentor and make those ideas a thing to strive for. That would improve his confidence and improve his work.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes it seems to go like that, but perhaps this is all to do with our unconscious and has nothing to do with being superior or being small.

      Our upbringing has a lot to do with the way we present ourselves. I believe that’s more relevant. The superior man has a head start because he will be more imposing.

      Even if the superior man struggled he would have presence, therefore outwardly would seem more confident.

  2. I am not a superior man. Neither am I inferior to any man in any way. But rooted privilege makes some people feel superior and others feel inferior in their overall social construct.

    There are systems in place that routinely confirm who is superior and who is inferior. But no one can make me feel inferior without my consent.

    1. Thanks Tim, yes I couldn’t agree more. Rooted privilege has a way of making us feel superior, but underneath we’re all the same.

      The universal reality is that we’re all the same underneath; no on is better or worse than anyone else. If only we understood that analogy, we would all be better off and better people.

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