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  1. Well, this doesn’t exactly apply to me, even though I’ve been together with my girlfriend long enough for it to be considered a ‘common law marriage’ here in the US.

    She seems to have a lot of health issues, physically and mentally, so what would this really say about me? Yes, I am being facetious, but that’s just my way of dealing with issues like this. It is a major issue for me that I need to address ASAP.

    I’ll have to get back to you on how that works out, as it may as well be a divorce considering we do have things like cars that need to be fought over. Oh yay!

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, I can’t help but think what you deal with must also be taken into consideration. From what you say in your response, it sounds as though you both have issues that you deal with.

      Although this quote refers to one gender, I actually think it is relevant to both. As individuals we all have character and integrity, it’s important we keep those in tact.

      We tend to lose both through thoughtlessness, or bad behaviour traits. Where we can and most of us do, it’s important we have empathy and compassion, and throw a little tolerance and patience in for good measure.

  2. A polished character will always put a smile across a women’s lips. You’d better make her happy if you want a happy home.

    1. Yes, fundamentally it’s the woman who makes a home. But it’s important to make each other happy and build on the relationship through team work.

      Where women see to the emotional needs, men are the more practical parent. And where women will often get a bad press, men are seen as the ‘fun parent.’ There’s also another saying, ‘Happy wife, happy life,’ which highlights your point.

      Women tend to wear the emotions on their sleeve, if they’re not happy, you’ll certainly know about it, where men tend to keep things to themselves.

  3. Anyone will provide for his/her partner and family and ensure the well being of his or her partner and children before their own wellbeing.

    While I understand what it means, this saying should be equally applicable the other way around.

    1. Yes, both are important. We must make sure everyone’s wellbeing is taken care of, no matter whether it’s a child, family, partner or wife.

      I think that all depends on our attitude, but stress tends to be the deciding factor and that’s not right.

      Regardless of our stress, that stress isn’t someone else’s problem. Without our own wellbeing, we can’t expect to help with others’ wellbeing.

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