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“If I had done this, if I had said that, in the end you are always more tormented by what you didn’t do than what you did, actions already performed can always be rationalized in time, the neglected deed might have changed the world.”


12 Jun, 2019

4 thoughts on “A Damon Galgut quote

  1. I have truly wasted most of my life dwelling on what I should have done, when I should have been focusing on what I could do.

    My parents were trapped in that cycle themselves and made it seem like there wasn’t any other choice, other than just accepting whatever came along without trying to change things.

    I have been tormented by the choices I made, always trying to appease others to make them happy, when in reality nothing that I could ever have done would have made them happy.

    I need to stay focused on figuring out what makes me happy and try to overcome the guilty feeling and so that I can finally move on.

    1. Thanks Randy. You’re in control because you know so much about your parents life, enough to know you don’t want your life to be like that.

      I believe it’s time for you to move on mentally, so that you can carve a niche out for yourself.

  2. I have a mind that thinks and reasons but it doesn’t have hindsight, naturally, so regrets may follow me around like a dog at times.

    But the idea is to learn from life, not to know life before it happens.

    1. Thanks Tim. When you say, ‘but the idea is to learn from life, not to know life before it happens.’ We must learn from life and not make the same mistakes.

      Using your intuition (or wise mind) will help you make the right decisions. Those decisions in effect become your life. It will stop you having to look at your experiences through hindsight.

      It will also help you make decisions so that you can experience things in the present and be more prepared for the outcome.

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