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  1. True. Things that are easy get done quickly. The hard things in life don’t get done so fast, but when we do them we have a feeling of proudness because we did it on our own.

    1. Thanks Lisa. Yes I agree. Things are worth working for, particularly the things we set out mind too. It’s just not easy to see it that way in the beginning.

      It’s only when we look back and we can see how things worked out. Things always seem easier when we’re through the other side.

  2. It does seem like a lot of things I end up trying to do are never easy.

    I do understand that if getting things done was that easy, there would have been a lot of things I would have done a long time ago! I grew up in a world where things you did really didn’t matter, so it’s no wonder I haven’t had a lot of motivation to get things done.

    I’m trying to change this around so I can get the things I need to get done, easier to get done.

    1. Thanks Randy. If the things we got stuck on we’re easier, I’m sure we wouldn’t get stuck… we’d probably achieve more too. I can resonate with your thoughts, nothing is easy until we know how.

      Speaking from experience, it’s definitely worth it when we can move on and find a way through. I hope you find the motivation to change things Randy.

  3. What is hard for one person may be easy for others, so the only relevant measure is that which we impose on ourselves.

    I think we all generally have the tendency to get the easy things out of the way first. To me that helps as it feels that I am making progress as I can cross things off my ‘mental to do list and it helps me focus on the harder task ahead.’

    Completing the harder task can provide the greater sense of achievement though.

    1. I agree with you. Completing any hard task should give us a greater sense of achievement. The problem we have is believing we’re capable of doing the task in the first place.

      We tend to hold ourselves back because we lack the confidence to believe we’re capable of completing the task. In my formative years I struggled with that.

  4. First, I will arrange my tasks according to urgency. Hard or easy, some tasks require attention ahead of others. And I try to approach the harder things with more planning and thought; I’ll screw it up if I don’t.

    Once I complete one task another is right behind it, it’s repetitious. Sometimes it makes me feel as if I haven’t achieved a thing, but I have.

    1. Thanks Tim. Sounds good. Yes… tasks can be repetitious. I complete tasks that require or have a sense of urgency to them.

      You’re right, it’s easy to look back on the tasks we have completed and think we haven’t achieved that much. Perhaps that’s got something to do with how hard the task is and with how many tasks we manage to complete. Some days seem more productive than others. It stands to reason though that the more simple the task, the quicker we’ll get through it, the quicker we’ll move on to the next one.

      I believe simply not giving up on what we start, is worth it in the longer term. It shows determination on our part and that’s a great attribute to have, although as a child I failed to follow that through.

      Without our own determination, but encouragement from others we should get through them. The idea is not to give up.

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