2 thoughts on “A David Vox quote

  1. Multiple tragedies in my life had me staring into space for about a year. But through pain my senses have amplified to the point where I see myself and people in my orbit very clearly. I’ve changed in that regard.

    But I’ll consider myself found when I find the stillness in my heart I’m so desperately looking for.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, today’s quote is very true for me. My experiences haven’t changed me, through my writing I have simply found my truth. Our soul knows what lessons are to be learned.

      I can resonate with you and have got your back. With the right emotional support from your family there would have been less staring into space and more understanding on your pain, even through multiple tragedies. This is how support works.

      But through all of that, you being able to see yourself and other people clearly, has given you a more positive understanding of the new direction you must now carve out for yourself.

      Stillness comes when you are able to quieten the mind, knowing you’re doing the right thing.

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