8 thoughts on “A Deep Trivedi quote

  1. History has proven and will continue to prove the simple truth in this quote. We have acquired the means and will to destroy one another, without any real threats other than from ourselves.

    1. Thanks, yes it seems that this is what we’re doing.

      I believe we need to go back to basics on this one! When we learn to love ourselves more, we will learn to love other people.

  2. This is true because our own worst enemy are negative thoughts. When we are positive we are open to loving others. When we are negative, it seems as though we push others away.

    1. I agree. You’re absolutely right. The problem we have is moving over to being more positive once we spiral into negativity.

      Keeping the right people in ‘our circle’ and keeping ourselves busy usually helps.

  3. If we gather all evidence and examine our history, we may conclude that our nature is more dangerous than a knife or a gun.

    But our nature is way too complex to generalize with our limited knowledge of it.

    1. Thanks Tim. It’s a hard one, but I personally believe that if we were more aware of how our natures work, we’d have more control over things. We’re not always aware, because we don’t always consciously tap into that part of our character to understand or change anything.

      Natures are so complex. We assume a lot more without taking the time to work things out. Perhaps that’s what makes our nature’s dangerous.

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