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  1. Yes, I have a hard time being “simple” as doing things the easy way isn’t normal for me, as I’ve always done things the hard way!

    Because of the many things I never learned how to do as a child, I put a lot of effort into looking like I knew what I was doing, rather than admit I didn’t. It has caused an unbelievable amount of grief in my life, which I’m no longer willing just to tolerate.

    It would actually be great to have a “simple” life for a change!

    1. Thanks Randy. My wish for you Randy is that you go on to have more of that “simple” life you deserve to have.

      Perhaps when things with your family settle down, your life will become more like that. I had to wait many years for my life to become more “simple.”

      It will come, but we must always give it time.

  2. That’s a great little saying. We do often over-complicate matters seemingly for no good reason, albeit sometimes without realising that is what we are doing; but we could do well to learn the art of simplifying our lives.

    1. Thanks, yes I agree. We would do well to learn the art of simplifying our lives for reasons for obvious reasons.

  3. I like the idea of living a simple life, which I attempt to follow. At times it’s a bit difficult to do so, especially with young children at home.

    I can still try to live a more simplistic life by avoiding unnecessary drama, not over-think things and go with the flow.

    1. You’re absolutely spot on with your comments in your last paragraph. By us avoiding unnecessary drama, not over thinking things and just going with the flow, we can live a more simplistic life. Thanks Maria.

  4. I live by the idea that simple is great, so I do lead a simple life.

    Obviously, being married some drama from our partners will try to spill into our lives. When that happens, I try to find the easiest solution to a problem. It doesn’t always work the first try, that’s when it gets complicated.

    We’ve been trying to rid ourselves of people in our life that cause problems, it’s not always easy to do so though.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes I know exactly what you mean. Although it’s not easy dealing with family particularly, I think we owe it to ourselves to walk away from any drama, even if it included family.

      Walking away from anyone isn’t something we take on lightly of course, but our emotional health must always come first. The people who matter to us and don’t cause problems are the people we should spend more time with.

      Although I would always put family first, I have learned that sometimes we have to put ourselves first. My life has become more simple, because I have chosen to walk away from the drama.

      We can’t always have it both ways. Sometimes we do have to make a choice.

  5. Simplicity is where we’re likely to reside in the latter years of our life; but if I knew what I know now about simplicity, I would have lived there long before.

    1. Thanks Tim. Unfortunately not all of us will, but we have to understand first what it means to live the simple life.

      Like you I too would have lived a more simple life long before, had I not had so many obstacles to overcome.

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