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  1. I agree. On the basis that non-one will make it happen for you and it won’t happen by itself, if you want something to happen then you do indeed have to make it happen.

    1. Yes, you’re absolutely right. Even through the hard times and we all have those, we still must make things happen.

      It’s better than living with the guilt and then the’what ifs’ constantly whirring in your head. In my own case, before I went back into study, before I found out about my disability and before I started the diary.

      We have to make things happen if we are to change certain aspects of our life, but it’s well worth the effort if where we end up is better than where we start.

  2. Yes, what it ultimately comes down to, is the reality that I’m the one who has to make the decision and then make it happen.

    I’m the one who wants to move out of the situation that I feel trapped in, even if it’s going to be the kind of change I really despise.

    I have already wasted 12 years of my life fighting to keep this relationship going ,when it’s glaringly obvious that it’s more one sided than anything and not fair to me.

    It has always been that way but I haven’t been willing to see what was really going on until it was too late.

    I have to work on finding my own life and being comfortable in my own skin, before I get around to doing anything else like getting into another relationship.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, it’s a bit like getting married and starting a family.

      We tend to wait until our circumstances are just right, either in monetary terms, or emotional terms, but are we ever ready?

      It can take many years to emotionally grow and find ourselves. It takes time for us to be comfortable in our own skin and sadly, some of us don’t always get there.

      But we must take the plunge and grow through the process. If we were to wait until we were emotionally ready, we would never take the plunge.

      We have to make it happen. In other words, whatever our circumstances it’s up to us to make things happen, whether we’re ready or not.

  3. Even when my hands are trembling I’m going to make an effort, otherwise nothing will surely happen.

    I learned this after I heard opportunity outside the box I was living in.

    1. You’re right Tim. Nothing happens unless we happen. I remember my mum saying, ‘you get one crack at life,’ but cannot remember the reasons why she used to say it.

      Without giving ourselves that chance to make things happen, we will have no life, we will merely exist and that’s not the same thing.

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