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“Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws.”

DOUGLAS ADAMS, Mostly Harmless

1 May, 2015

8 thoughts on “A Douglas Adams quote

  1. This is very true and a sad description of how many people behave. It never ceases to amaze me how many people tell me about other people’s bad news without expressing any empathy, but taking some delight in another person’s misfortunes.

    I’m sure they wouldn’t like people to take about them like that but they do it all the time and its very sad.

    1. Yes bad news has a tendency to spread very fast. I heard some bad news yesterday and that is exactly what happened. I tend to agree.

  2. It sure seems like bad news travels fast. It might be because our brain is more susceptible to negative emotions. They have a greater impact than positive emotions. We might spread bad news faster because we can’t take it by ourselves and want to seek support.

    In some cases, people might just get pleasure in spreading someone’s misfortune because it shows that a person is not as perfect as he/she seems to be. By seeing others struggle, it makes people feel not so alone with their own struggles.

    We need to remember that we all struggle from time to time. Instead of finding enjoyment in people’s misfortunes, we should show empathy.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree. Although I’ve never been one to spread any form of gossip, good or bad I feel that for some people, listening to other people’s misfortunes makes them feel better with what they deal with.

      I agree with you that negative emotions do have a great impact on us emotionally than positive emotions do. I also agree with you that when we see other people struggle, we don’t seem as alone with our struggles.

  3. Bad news will leave one day and arrive on the previous night; that’s how fast evil travels when we feed it what it desires.

    I am trying to align myself with positive people and change the narrative of my life where good news is the norm.

    1. I’m routing for you Tim and hope you manage. You will notice a difference when you finally align yourself with positive people. It’s not that you won’t have bad news, but good news will become more the norm over time.

      It certainly feels better having positive people in our lives, but when it comes to family we can’t always choose.

  4. Wow, I had no idea this book existed, which tells me I really need to get out more! The ‘Hitchhiker’ series was great so I should look for this book.

    It does seem like bad news travels so much faster, which you can tell just by watching the news. You don’t usually hear a whole lot of good news quickly, which is so very sad, considering I think the human race could use some good news about now.

    I always used that expression of ‘don’t panic,’ in my life many times. People would be better off to adapt this attitude rather than freak out like so many have been doing lately.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes bad news certainly does travel fast, but perhaps it’s because in our humdrum lives we have very little else to talk about; or perhaps sometimes other people’s bad news is better than our own news!

      Perhaps if we all embraced good news and spoke about good news in the same way we’re quick to spread bad news, we’d talk about more good news for a change and that would impact on us in other areas of our lives too.

      Bringing and talking about other people’s bad news brings more negativity into our lives.

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