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  1. What is due to us is unavoidable and it does indeed appear to be strange at times, but it is equally a result of our actions and thoughts.

    Our lessons and purposes can be bewildering at times.

    1. I believe what we get to deal with is as a result of our actions and thoughts. It is important we join up the dots, and begin to understand the bigger picture of our lives.

      Until we do there will be more hardships moving forward. It’s not difficult, we make it difficult.

  2. Ilana, I’ve seen enough in this life to know that your human prints assisted destiny for you to become a successful author and freelance writer, so you were profoundly instrumental in repairing your life. You did so much with your beautiful soul, with destiny by your side.

    So I certainly agree with Brad’s response completely.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, agree with you and Brad and thank you for your beautiful words. Truthfully, had I have had an inkling of what lay ahead in the early years, I would have been put off for sure.

      It was the not knowing that gave me hope, it was hope that carried me through. But I also think life’s like that. We’re often thrown a curve ball, which can if we’re not concentrating throw us off balance.

      Innately, I just knew I needed to carry on. It is our inner thoughts that carry us. As ‘my story’ shows with determination our life can work out.

      But we must remain steadfast and stay determined and focused. If it right and your intent is honourable, it will happen.

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