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  1. Well, as I’m sure you have noticed, the USA has been turning into a nation without any of those qualities, which is truly sad but not surprising.

    I grew up in a time that I like to call “the John Wayne era” where people actually seemed to believe in things like patriotism, and family values among other things.

    Now we’re supposed to accept all manners of people and perversions while not saying a word, but that isn’t the way I can think.

    Last I knew we had freedom of speech, but lately it seems to be under attack by the politically correct police, to the point where you get pretty much crucified for saying the wrong thing.

    I’m seriously tempted to move back to the area where I was born and let whatever is going to happen to the world happen. Very hard to decide right now.

    1. Randy, you’re politically correct. Don’t change that to fit into other people’s lives. I hear and get what you’re saying. We’re not seeing much of it right now.

      “The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous.” – never a truer quote. The human race must start to learn its lessons.

      All of our futures will very much be secured when we are truthful, honest and virtuous. It’s how the universe expects us to behave and we need to make the world safe for future generations to come.

  2. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest, truthful and virtuous. As much as we’d like for things to be that way, government has a way of blurring the lines to their liking.

    I for one am all about the truth. Sometimes in telling the truth it can bite me because people don’t always like to hear it. Somewhere along the line people have become more jaded in their thoughts and actions. With all that is happening in the world, it seems that truth has fallen by the wayside.

    Just because times have changed, it doesn’t mean that some of us will still seek the truth and try to live by it. Hopefully we have taught our kids to be honest and open and things can only get better from here.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree with you. I also agree with your comments about Governments. Yes governments do have a way of blurring the lines to their liking, to suit themselves. It’s irritating.

      We’re seeing it in the UK and across the channel in your neck of the woods. Where you say ‘it seems truth has fallen by the wayside.’ Absolutely right Maria.

      Parents must instil honesty in their children from a small age, to be open and transparent. The world needs more of it.

      Just do what you do Maria. Hopefully, even if it doesn’t happen now, in time others will behave as you do.

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