6 thoughts on “A Fulton Sheen quote

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, absolutely. I may have different issues to you, but I still have my own life to navigate. I simply try to find ways through.

      And as I see it we navigate this life together. I’m pleased that my blogs help you too.

      1. Yes, your blogs help tremendously Ilana, which is why I read everyday.

        You make it possible for me to focus on reality, instead of being held prisoner by it.

        1. Your last paragraph sums up your response beautifully. I’m so pleased and happy that you do.

          It’s a wonderful note for us to finish the year on. Thank you.

  1. Love this, be true to yourself always. It’s almost a warning to do so, because your actions will dictate your beliefs.

    Think positively and positive things happen. No looking back, more forward with an open heart and hopeful love.

    1. Thanks Maria. You’re right. Tomorrow is not only a new day for us all, but a New Year and a new thought process.

      Only forward never back. As you say, we must look forward and open our hearts and minds to life and its possibilities.

      Happy New Year to you and your family.

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