6 thoughts on “A Good Year quote

  1. I agree. We must learn to change and adapt as part of our growth rather than expecting others to fall into line with us.

    No change, no next stage of our journey.

    1. Exactly! ‘We must learn to change and adapt as part of our growth.’ It is the only we will mentally, emotionally and spiritually grow.

      Others don’t need to fall into line. They too must complete the same process.

  2. A person who thinks that the world has to bend in order for them to feel good is going about things wrong.

    The world doesn’t bend, we need to bend our lives in order to be on an even playing field as everyone else. It’s pretty simple, bend and be happy, or swim against the tide and have problems.

    1. Thanks Maria. Your last sentence is true, but I feel we must also have our wits about us.

      Yes, not everything is so straight forward that things will work out. But it is important we’re aware of all the facts and understand the pitfalls before making any decisions.

      When it comes to family and society, we tend to fall into line to suit others, but that may not always be right for us and way. Choosing to find out about my disability was going against the tide. I could have continued to ignore it.

      As long as we’re aware of why we’re swimming against the tide and we still think it’s right for us, we won’t always come to harm’s way.

  3. My life does not suit many places and many places do not suit my life. I know how thin the line is I’m dangling from either way.

    But change is good, as long as I’m not swimming towards a shark.

    1. Thanks Tim. Perhaps that’s what it’s about… it’s about change.

      With change brings apprehension, apprehension brings uncertainty and uncertainty makes us think our life doesn’t suit the places we find ourselves in.

      But I also feel others may contribute to that for us when they make our lives more difficult than it has to be.

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