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  1. This was actually the theme to my life story until I decided that I deserved better out of life. I punished myself for my mistakes, but it was the ones I cared about the most, who were the ones who suffered the most.

    I was dreaming about the past last night, which only served to remind me of the things that I won’t tolerate anymore. I was brainwashed as a child into thinking I had to accept the unacceptable, whether I liked it or not, which no parent should ever do.

    I wanted to do things differently for my own child, but I didn’t know how, and my daughter suffered because of it. Now I’m no longer the sucker that I used to be, and doing things differently, in the hopes that someday she will forgive me so that I can be a good dad to her.

    I want to become the best person that I can be and make some kind of difference in the world also.

    1. Thanks Randy. You can’t be blamed for what happened to you, but it is always good to change things moving forward if you can.

      From what you say, you know now what you can do to change things moving forward for you and your daughter. You know what you want, what you stand for and how you would like things to change.

      Whilst we cannot change the past, I know that your daughter will understand more when she has her own children. In the meantime Randy, just be you and do what you do best. You are making a difference.

  2. Great quote, Ilana.

    Your quote reminds me of how people say they aren’t prejudice, but don’t do anything about fighting it. They might as well not bother.

    1. Ditto on your response. What separates each of us is those who stand up and those who talk amongst themselves and do nothing.

      I also think it’s not just about standing up for people. We genuinely also need to care and bring empathy compassion and tolerance into our relationship with others, not just our spouses or close knit family.

      I go back to Covid-19, because in Covid-19 as you rightly say, governments have created two-tier systems; not just in the UK. For each of us thrive, for future generations to thrive also, it is important attitudes change.

      That starts with Government, where you can’t rely on Government, it’s something we can do for ourselves.

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