4 thoughts on “A Harvey S Firestone quote

  1. Knowing the right people at the right time and keeping a deliberate distance from the wrong people has worked for me.

    At the same time, staying true to my core beliefs and maintaining my quiet pride. But my big secret is to never appear too threatening.

    1. Thanks Tim. Sounds as though you have got the right balance. I would just add that knowing the right people and understanding the right people are two different things.

      We can know the right people, but knowing and really knowing are very different. It is only when something happens that we begin to realise the person we thought we knew isn’t the person in front of us.

      But as you say, it is right you stay true to your core beliefs. Your core beliefs is what makes you unique, it’s who you are and those should never change, no matter who you have in your life. Just be you.

      If we were to read between the lines on this particular quote, we’d see it’s spot on. We can know and not know.

  2. They do say it’s not what you know but who you know. But knowing people isn’t enough.

    We have to really know people, people who compliment our personality and expectations for they are the only people worth knowing.

    1. Most of us will say we have no choice, particularly when it comes to family. But even when it comes to family we still have a choice.

      We can choose to walk away if the relationship isn’t right, or we can choose to say something if the relationship isn’t right. Success isn’t just a monetary thing. Success is how we handle ourselves, the results we get.

      But as you say, we have to really know people, and we’re not talking about what they say, we have to know their personalities; spiritually we must know them. We can think we know and then not really know.

      They must be good for us, they must want to bring out the best in us as we must want to bring out the best in them.

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