8 thoughts on “A Henry Adams quote

  1. Very true indeed. This quote reminds me of many encounters I’ve had.

    I’ll probably read this quote more than a few times.

    1. Thanks. Yes, quite. I am sure we have or have people in our lives who behave like this. Certainly food for thought on this one.

      Life is short. Even if we don’t get things right, we should at least get this right. Our aim should be to do better, be better than we were yesterday.

  2. I agree Ilana. But tomorrow is no different than any other day, so it seems. But I’m impressed with your optimism, perhaps I need a little bit of that.

    1. Thanks Tim. Years of introspection helped me with optimism. I think it also brought me out of some very dark places. Given the rhetoric going on today, it’s easy to see how and why tomorrow is no different than today.

      With lots of uncertainties it’s easy to understand why, but without optimism or trying to put a positive slant on things, it would be easy for our mood to spiral.

      It takes less effort to work on positivity than it does for our mood to down spiral, it just seems like it works quicker the other way around.

  3. A truer quote I haven’t seen lately; it shows how people are a work in progress.

    Sometimes they say exactly what they mean and others say more than they should. Finding the balance is the crux of our existence, something we work on our whole lives.

    A facial expression also says volumes even without opening your mouth.

    1. Thanks Maria. You’re absolutely right. There are also people who tell others what they want them to hear, which sadly isn’t in the longer term what they needed to hear.

      I think though, you’ve hit the nail exactly on the head where you say, ‘it shows people are a work in progress.’ This can be a human attribute or a human failing.

      I think if more of us were more open and transparent, we’d say what we mean in a way that allowed us to communicate and get on better.

      Sadly, this isn’t something we do. We’ve mastered the art of keeping things secret.

  4. Wow, so very true! I think this is just part of being human. Our minds can’t help but wander and jump to conclusions when we don’t notice.

    And usually we never mean to be vindictive and mean unless we’re angry at an individual or a situation. Then when we say mean things, we usually feel guilty afterwards.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Yes that is absolutely true. And unless we sort out the why, we will always continue to be mean and vindictive.

      It’s a human trait and failing I feel.

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