4 thoughts on “A Henry Drummond quote

  1. Thank goodness they usually are a role model. I hope not to be negatively affected by them. If that’s the case then I usually weed them out of my life.

    Life is too short for negativity. Lead with a positive attitude and people will admire you for it.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes absolutely. And you’re right to weed out those who continually bring negativity into your life.

      Negativity sadly serves to make us ill. Long term negativity can interfere with life too. In my personal life, I’ve come across a few issues with leading positively.

      As you say ‘others will admire us for it.’ Or some may simply switch off and ignore us because they can’t bring themselves to admire or work with us. They may also make their issues about us and bring us down with them.

      I’d like to think people on the quiet will admire us for being positive. I hope that what we do will inspire them to bring themselves back up.

      Good on you girl!

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