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  1. Oh, yes I know that all too well in dealing with people in AA, who are too smart for their own good and refuse to listen to any new ideas or change their ways!

    The expression that comes to mind is, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ which seems very fitting under the circumstances. People want to do things their own way, even when it isn’t working. They end up being their own worst enemy and they don’t even seem to realize it, even when you point it out so many times.

    The other expression I like to use is, ‘they can be book smart but brain dead.” It is just mind boggling what people do to themselves when they should really know better. I have been guilty of being the same way for a very long time, but finally had to change my way of thinking if I wanted to live.

    It was so very hard considering what I had to do to survive, but it wasn’t very useful for living. I got tired of feeling like I just existed and wanted more out of life.

    People offered me a solution to my problems, but I had to be the one to accept it.

    1. Thanks Randy. Thanks for being so honest about what you’ve been through. I hope you’re okay.

      I suppose the mind knows what it knows and like a computer tends to go back to what it knows until it’s re-programmed. Dealing with addiction isn’t easy, so to some extent I can understand why the people you came across were perhaps ‘refusing to listen.’

      We will all meet challenges differently, some will find challenges easier than others; but as with all challenges we have to want to change. Once we make the decision to change, we should meet those challenges; it may just take some of us longer, depending on where we’re starting from.

  2. Great little quote and very true.

    In my work I find myself telling people how much easier it is to help people initially make their mind up in the right direction, than it is to get them to change it once made up. I guess this kind of amounts to the same thing.

    1. Yes it’s never easy coming in to fix another person’s mistakes. It’s much easier to start off from scratch.

      That way we learn as we go and don’t have to go back in to unfix things to re-fix them again, but in a different format.

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