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  1. Yes, that term has been very much overused over the years and more than likely the reason for so many divorces. People are always looking for the perfect partner, when they doesn’t really exist in the real world.

    The reality ended up being that I kept ending up with extremely controlling women just like my mother, so obviously I have had some serious mommy issues.

    There was only one woman who came close to being what I would consider a ‘soulmate’ but I allowed my fears, doubts, and insecurities to prevent me from taking the risks to be with her, so I’ll never know what it could have been like.

    1. You’re not alone Randy. I am sure there will have been many before you and there will be many after you.

      My Uncle only ever met one woman he ‘connected’ with and that didn’t work out for him also. He stayed single for the rest of his natural life. He never found anyone he could connect with in that way, so maybe there is some truth in it.

      I think we must put more effort into all relationships, whether we’ve met our soulmate, or true connection or not.

  2. A soulmate is a mythological, romantic myth. If we are looking for a long, lasting healthy relationship then we can forget all that nonsense, but a true connection is within all our grasps.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I personally believe we can have a soulmate. It’s a spiritual connection, connection.

      We’re all spiritual beings, but we’ve lost sight of what our lives really mean, which also means we haven’t made those right connections.

      It’s back to basics on this one.

      1. I have always been and will always be looking for a soul mate, so I echo what Brad said.

        But will I recognize my soulmate when I see it.

        1. Thanks Tim. Yes you will, I promise you that. But you cannot find your soulmate alone.

          We must all concentrate and start working on soulful connections, for us to meet likened souls.

          Soulmates happen through spiritual connections, when two souls ‘just connect’ without having to work at those connections.

          It’s that just ‘knowing feeling,’ a relationship you don’t have to work at. It just feels right, emotionally and spiritually.

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