6 thoughts on “A Jamie Gonzalez quote

  1. I do agree with this simple collection of four words.

    Presence can be measured in many ways, not just the physical and we can be emotionally or spiritually strong too.

    1. Yes it’s amazing how quotes can be interpreted in different ways. Presence can be measured in many ways, you’re right. Choosing to be strong, choosing to be courageous.

      We have a choice to be as strong or as courageous as we choose. Having the courage and strength to go on when we don’t feel we have the strength.

  2. Nice quote. But strength has its limits and complications. Perhaps our greatest challenge is trying to recover from things that made us strong in the first place.

    1. Thanks Tim. I couldn’t agree more. For some of us we need the strength to recover. Not everyone finds dealing with their life or issues easy. Yes absolutely.

  3. To me this quote rings true. I believe that when fighting for a cause we become stronger if we stand together.

    Presence in the moment makes the cause more united and worth striving for.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes definitely a good way to think. I couldn’t agree more. The more united we are the stronger the reckoning force to deal with the cause.

      That said not every cause can win. That depends on how we deliver the remit. We have to get our facts and figures across in a way that others want to sit up and listen.

      That’s for another discussion.

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