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  1. Not to choose might seem sometimes like the easiest alternative, but we might risk missing out on something great. We need to take risks in life in order to experience and learn new things.

    I need to practice this more myself. Sometimes when a family member asks me to select from two or more options, I feel so much under pressure that I have the tendency to just remain quiet; this drives whoever wants an answer crazy.

    I need to learn to just opt for an option and deal with whatever consequences my choice may have caused, whether they are bad or good.

    1. Thanks Maria. I agree with you. We have to make choices to take risks, in order to experience new things. We learn a lot through our experiences.

      Are there ever good or bad choices? I tend not to make a choice with those thoughts in mind. We often find out at a later date whether the choices we have made are good or bad.

      Sitting on the fence has never been an option for me. What I know is that when we sit on the fence, we make it more difficult for those people who are looking for our support. At the end of the day it may be that we won’t agree with another person’s choice, but rather than say nothing, I believe it’s important to say something even if we can’t agree on a way forward.

      I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say, ‘whoever wants an answer goes crazy.’ I know that to be true. I have been on the receiving end of that equation.

  2. A simple saying but very true. I am sure this applies to most of us who would rather run away and not make a decision than to make a difficult decision and face its consequences.

    I agree with Maria. It takes a conscious decision to stand back and consider the implications of making a decision and of also not making any decision at all; otherwise nothing will ever change and we will embed the pattern of not making decisions to be the norm.

    1. I think you’re both right. I’m not sure whether not making any decision at all is a minority or majority, but there are consequences to all relationships when we choose not to make a decision.

      It’s when we don’t make decisions that life becomes really difficult. I’ve grown up around someone who couldn’t make decisions.

      As other people get away with things when we fail to make a decision, we end up having to fall into line to appease that person because of their non-decision making and that’s when the relationship will become difficult.

      I’m not sure how many of us are willing to constantly fall into line. Inevitably at some point in the relationship, we will get to the stage when we begin to question the relationship and whether having to fall into line all the time, is something we want to continue to do.

      In my own case it wasn’t, so I eventually took a stand.

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