A Jean-Paul Sartre quote

Something inspirational:

“The worst part about being lied to is knowing you weren’t worth the truth.”


29 Jul, 2021

4 thoughts on “A Jean-Paul Sartre quote

  1. Yes, absolutely agree. It’s a simple quote when you read it and yet it cuts to the core and makes you reassess those relationships.

    1. Thanks. Yes, it certainly does and should. There can be ‘no’ excuse for that type of lie, particularly when it spans decades.

      It becomes a different lie with different intent altogether.

  2. My parents lied constantly so it’s no wonder I can’t always tell when someone is lying. Being an empath has helped considerably. Our lives would have been easier if they had told us the truth occasionally.

    That’s why I would much rather have people tell me the truth, rather than beat around the bush. The truth for me now is that I can’t change the past, as much as I wish I could, so I have to focus on today and the future.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, your life would have been considerably easier if your parents had told you all the truth.

      As children we have a right to be told the truth, difficult to comprehend and when you think about it, this quote is spot on.

      Yes, when anyone is lied to, it doesn’t matter by whom, ‘they are not worth the truth’. JEAN-PAUL SARTRE is spot on.

      A hard pill to swallow when you’re looking at decades of the stuff.

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