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  1. Great little saying and so true. Once told, a lie gets bigger in order to perpetuate the original lie.

    I know from experience as a kid and it’s not recommended. It always ends in tears.

    1. Thank you. Yes, you’re absolutely right. It also doesn’t say much about the person who lies.

      It’s starts when we’re children, but unless it’s nipped in the bud, or it’s pointed out to us by our parents, it’s something that will continue.

      As you say from your experience though, it always ends in tears. The older we are, the bigger the lie, the further we will fall. I’m referring to the big black lies, not the small white lies.

  2. It’s very hard to watch folks lie so easily, like a reflex. But that’s the game people are playing today, peddling lies with a straight face and exploiting trust.

    The idea is to listen to what people are really saying, then hope to hell you comprehend.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I agree it is hard to watch someone lie, even harder if it’s a big black lie and everything they say leads to more black lies, exploiting that trust you talk about.

      Although no lie is acceptable, a white lie in the right context is sometimes acceptable, particularly if we are to hurt someone’s feelings.

      Your first paragraph is spot on. I see that too happening in the world. Being conservative with the truth and putting a slant on things is something else. Sadly that’s become acceptable.

      We only have to pick up a newspaper and it’s there.

  3. That’s the reason I don’t lie. Lies just fester and my conscious won’t let me be. They eventually come and bite you, even if you don’t expect it.

    1. Thanks Maria. Yes, you have a point about the conscience and I agree. Mine won’t let me either.

      Those who wittingly lie, they clearly don’t have a conscience otherwise they wouldn’t lie, or perhaps their conscience is there, but they simply choose to ignore it.

      As soon as the lie comes out, the conscience is usually aware that we’ve lied. Lies do eventually come back to bite.

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