2 thoughts on “A Jean Vanier quote

  1. I think it’s quite natural to envy people when you’re young, being that you’re under so much pressure to evolve.

    But as an adult envy is more like admiration, at least that’s true for me.

    1. Thanks. Yes, there is absolutely an element of truth in what you say Tim, but there is also another food for thought also. When you replace ‘envy’ with ‘jealousy’ you come out with an altogether different interpretation.

      We can envy someone and be pleased for them, whilst keeping our own thoughts grounded on our own accomplishments, but jealousy can make us feel resentful, and that can be dangerous.

      I agree that envy is more like admiration, but I also think it very much depends on the person. You care about people Tim, but someone else who feels envious, may feel jealous.

      Not everyone is happy for us when we meet with success, particularly if that other person has failed to meet success for themselves.

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