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  1. Wow, that speaks volumes of truth. This reminds me of the expression I like to use, which is “There are people who may be book smart, but brain dead!”

    You can have all the knowledge of the world in your head, but it takes wisdom to know how to use it properly. It has taken me a very long time to finally figure that out about myself.

    My wisdom came from learning things the hard way, until I realized there were things I could change. Things like if you have trouble with alcohol, stop drinking it. I grew up in a world that didn’t allow for a lot of change, even if it was the smart thing to do; so that’s what I was used to.

    Kind of nice to finally feel like it’s okay to change things for the better and there isn’t anyone there anymore telling me different.

    1. Thanks Randy, yes that’s right, but the hard part is changing the patterns that we’re used to.

      That said, I think you’ve come full circle. You know exactly what you need to do now and applying your new knowledge to changing your life. I also think you’re right, unless we apply common sense to what we know, nothing will or can change.

      Wisdom comes through both positive and negative experiences, but more so through negative experiences in the shape of lessons learned.

  2. Theres an old saying my late maternal grandmother used to say, “hollow vessels make the most noise.”

    She was right. It’s easy to talk, but much wiser to listen that way you learn.

    1. Thank you. Yes, your last sentence sums up your response beautifully and I agree. It’s much wiser to listen, because we learn more that way. Without learning we will always be less knowledgable. Knowledge will always speak to us, as long as we sit up and listen.

      It’s important we put the knowledge we have to good use without interfering or thinking we know more than someone else. In my mind that doesn’t make us knowledgable, it just makes us a ‘know it all.’

  3. If you don’t listen, I mean really listen, things may seem upside down or maybe mixed together; or your own words may cause a perpetual mess.

    We’ve all seen it before, so called wisdom that talks very loud and says absolutely nothing.

    1. Yes, quite. The key is to really listen, as you’ve accurately surmised Tim. When we come to listen, but really listen we come to understand what’s being said.

      We can learn a lot that way.

  4. This is so important and so true!! I really wish the rest of the world would catch on, understand and practice listening with an open mind, learn and leave judgments behind.

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Absolutely. I also feel that in the 21st Century, we’re not getting these things right.

      We should all be practicing listening with an open mind, learn through listening and as you rightly suggest, leave judgments behind. In my mind there is no place for us judging and being judged.

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