4 thoughts on “A Johann Goethe quote

  1. I believe we’re all good at something; unfortunately our natural talents are usually confined by bureaucracy.

    But we have those rare moments when our talents are regarded and we receive personal gratification from success and being noticed.

    1. Thanks Tim. I also believe we are confined by bureaucracy to a certain degree. I also think we are lucky if what we do, receives personal gratification and is noticed.

      Unfortunately, not everything we do or go on to do that is successful is noticed by others and if people do see and know they don’t always comment or let us know.

  2. I do things from the bottom of my heart all the time. I don’t look for recognition ever, if it comes I am humbled to serve.

    If not I’ll do it again, just because I can. I’m funny that way, I never expect things in return. Just what makes my heart happy, these are the things that move me.

    1. I think your way is the right way Maria. There should be no personal gain, bur it’s not the way society does things.

      Unfortunately we have come to expect and when it doesn’t, come we’re not happy. Thanks Maria.

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