4 thoughts on “A John F Kennedy quote

  1. This quote is true. Acquiring knowledge brings discomfort for some people, so they serve their egos instead. I see this among my own relatives.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, quite. What I find it sad that we may offer opinions, but don’t always have the information to support our opinions.

      Opinions are fine as long as we have the knowledge. And we must remember that opinions may rest on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty, without full knowledge. We know opinions are subjective, but we must make sure we have all the facts in front of us.

      Without knowledge, we will fail to acquire enough information to be able to form an opinion correctly, or in any great detail, but we may still offer an opinion.

  2. We are certainly seeing this in the UK during the pandemic. Plenty of uninformed opinion and overwhelming political and public cluelessness on a scale previously unimagined.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I agree. Where you say ‘plenty of uninformed opinion’ this is exactly what is happening.

      And whilst they can be forgiven for not entirely knowing, governments cannot be forgiven for making decisions that continue to put us in harms way.

      Whilst I appreciate all economies are beginning to take a nose-dive, finding ways to reduce the pandemic and saving lives must be their top priority.

      Because realistically without reducing the pandemic, there is no economy. Reducing the pandemic must be their number one priority.

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