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  1. There is a saying that nothing worth anything in life comes easy.

    I guess that means there are more valuable lessons to be gained from hardship than from having an easy life, but that isn’t easy for those with little hope or opportunity.

    1. Until we learn, nothing is easy and if it’s easy it probably means we’re missing something, or we’re not doing something right.

      I agree with you when you say there are more ‘valuable lessons’ to be gained from hardships than from us having an easy life. That is absolutely right.

      But if like me you believe in ‘spirituality’ you will know that what each of us deals with is was always meant for us. As a child I had little hope and opportunity, but the fighting spirit in me wasn’t prepared to give in or up and that’s the point.

      As hard as it is, that fighting spirit I talk about is something we must all work on. No one is born with hope or opportunity, but that’s not to say we can’t work on finding hope and opportunity.

  2. My life hasn’t ever been easy so I wouldn’t have any idea of what that’s like. I have always been envious of people who seemed to have everything handed to them, especially those who seem not to appreciate it.

    I have watched it happen time after time in my recovery program and it drives me insane every time. I would have loved to have the kind of life they took for granted.

    It’s difficult not to feel resentful towards those kind of people. The chaos and insanity of my life has prepared me for the current times, seeing as I’m not as freaked out as a lot of other people.

    I wish things could go back to the old normal at times but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

    1. Randy you are who you are because of your life. Yes, the chaos and insanity has shaped you, but that’s not altogether bad.

      You have a lot of other qualities. You understand hardships, therefore you understand ‘life.’ We all need to understand right now.

      Where you understood Randy, my not knowing about autism didn’t prepare me for the covid hardship. Yes, it’s not how you would have wanted your life to go Randy, but through Covid there are many lessons we can all take away.

      Our new normal gives us an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. It’s the start of something new Randy. You get to choose.

      1. Generally speaking, I’ve had a pretty rough run in this life, with loved ones disappearing and dreams turning into nightmares. I keep being reminded that I’m not in charge of my life, fully.

        But I understand that this is purely life and that there’s a reason for everything.

        1. Truthfully Tim, we are not in charge of our life fully, but we do have a certain control.

          Things are fated but not everything will be fated. We also have to work at what we have, we can’t assume everything we want is everything we will get. Some things are just never meant for us.

          But I think you’re analogy is spot on. What we get to deal with is ‘life’ and yes there is a reason for everything, but we don’t always get or understand its reasoning.

          I think the more we all understood the concept of ‘life’ the easier our lives would be.

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