6 thoughts on “A John Steinbeck quote

  1. How true is this? We’re either too busy, or wrapped up in our own lives to look properly at the people around us.

    It’s shame really, as we probably miss out on fulfilling relationships with people who pass through our lives either unnoticed, or at best people who we don’t give enough proper time to.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I agree with you too. We can know someone, but we really don’t know them.

      In this fast paced world we live in, we don’t always seem to have or make the time to get to know people on an emotional level. This quote is so true.

    1. Thanks Tim. I believe instinctively or intuitively we would know.

      There are so many times we’re probably not aware because we’re tied into other thoughts that take us away from what’s in front of us, if that makes sense. Hope so!

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