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  1. My sister passed in her sleep a few years ago. It was painful not having the opportunity to say goodbye to her, as I was reaked with guilt because of that.

    I see her face through my vacant eyes as I write this comment, I’ll spare you the details.

    1. Tim, don’t feel guilty. When loved ones pass they often do when they’re ready to go, we can’t always be there to say our goodbyes.

      Your sister will know that. She will also know the relationship she had with you. Your sister will also be thriving in spirit. Once our loved ones go to spirit they become healed again.

      That vacant look you talk about for yourself should no longer be there.

  2. Thank you Ilana, I really appreciate your response.

    The CP Diary is a comforting forum, it’s always there when you need it.

    1. That’s kind thank you. It’s my go to place – it continues to put a smile on my face, daily. It brings reasoning where I have stress.

  3. I can’t remember where it was, but I remember reading that we must all finish well and make sure there’s nothing left unsaid with those you love.

    Sometime that just isn’t possible – as Tim says, often were not there at the right time. My dad passed when I was young and I simply could not bring myself to go into his room in the hospice.

    We had a very difficult few months after his initial diagnosis and I know he understands our struggles and that is comforting.

    1. Yes your father understood. It would have been hard not to. Anyone that passes is 8 times more spiritual than this side of life.

      I think also near death, they are acutely aware of what is going on around them. He will have known your struggles with his passing, as I am sure he will be aware of any potential struggles you may have now.

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