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  1. They definitely don’t mix is what I would imagine. I haven’t ever really had a positive life, so the concept is foreign to me. They show it on TV all the time, but as far as actually feeling that way, it’s something I haven’t felt since I was a very small child.

    I learned very quickly how horrible life can be. I grew up in a very negative world, so I didn’t often see what a positive life could look like. I am trying to imagine having one now, but I don’t see it being possible with my current situation, so that will probably have to change.

    I’m just so very tired of living in the negative and would love to have a little bit of the positive, in what time I have left!

    1. Thanks Randy, yes they can’t mix, because what we put out we get back. When we put positivity out, we will get positivity back; in the same way when we put negativity out, we will get negativity back.

      I am a firm believer we must all be pro-active if we want to change or at least make small changes to our life. Sitting back and talking about change, isn’t an option for any of us.

      As children we’re not in a position to do that but as the adult we’re in control and if we’re not in control, we must make sure we take control, however we can.

  2. I am a born-again optimist after feeding on negativity most of my young life. The slightest twinge of discomfort made me think the world was trying to kill me; that’s how negativity works, it blinds you from reason.

    But you can actually take your life back just by thinking differently, or you can pass through time with a fever.

    1. Thanks Tim. Like you I also fed off too much negativity in my formative years, but you’re absolutely right, negativity blinds us from reason and continues to blind us.

      No matter how hard, we must always hold on to hope that our life will change for the positive. I never gave up hope. One thing we are assured of is that time changes and our lives move on.

      I know that I wouldn’t be doing my blog today if I ever gave up hope and my life hadn’t have moved on.

    1. I’m pleased it makes sense and hope my other quotes make sense too! Yes, quite. I believe positivity brings about more positivity. We have to believe it will.

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