8 thoughts on “A June Ahern quote

  1. This is a perfect reminder for everyone to practice this! It’s so easy to get caught up in this world’s craziness and wanting to ‘fit in’ and keep up with everyone else, we lose ourselves without knowing it.

    It certainly doesn’t help when we’re living in a society where we’re told what to do, what’s appropriate and what’s not, how to think and feel and my absolute favorite, how to raise our children! No one child is the same.

  2. Living a lie, you begin to think that everyone is fooled, but the only fool is the person lying.

    But you appease people because you’re trying to be a good person, in a world that doesn’t really care or understand.

    1. It’s a shame others choose not to see others as the good person. I think the world would care and understand.

      It’s people who choose not to care or understand but that depends on where they are emotionally.

  3. I agree also. A good reminder you don’t have to fit the mold set by others. Knowing and being yourself is important.

    1. Thanks LeAnna. Yes, knowing ourselves allows us to be comfortable in our own skin and that can help determine our success.

  4. I know from personal experience how damaging trying to please can be. It is a damaging spiral on the road the nowhere.

    I eventually took the right turn and found the way back to myself, but it’s been with a heavy toll.

    1. You got back that’s what counts. It is often only when our circumstances change that we can change course.

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