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“YOU. ARE. PERFECT. You are. Im talking to YOU. and don’t you dare think otherwise… embrace the entity of yourself… you are a puzzle piece and you are meant to be puzzling.”


19 Jun, 2020

4 thoughts on “A Kaiden Blake quote

  1. Out of a world population of 7 billion there is only one you. We are all individual, all unique, so why would it not make sense to think that you are perfect just the way you are?

    After all, the only proper basis of comparison is the reflection staring back at you in the mirror.

    1. Yes, there is only one me. We are all unique as you say, my disability makes me even more unique.

      The only path I have found that brings us close to perfection is the ‘spiritual path.’ I don’t believe in perfection, but I do believe we can try to be better people, by supporting ourselves and choosing to support others as we journey through life.

      We have become more earthly than spiritual. We tend to base our life around ‘things’ rather than people. We’re missing the point to ‘life.’ We’re not getting it right.

      I go back to the coronavirus. Mother nature is telling us we’re not getting our lives right and yet lockdown isn’t about reflection or how we can come out better people from the experience.

      It’s an inconvenience, now when can we get back into our lives. We must rethink life before life hurts us.

  2. I know a few people who believe they are perfect. That belief makes them happy until it doesn’t. Can you imagine the opportunities they miss for growth?

    Of course, we are surely the perfect piece of the puzzle, as puzzling as that may be.

    1. Thanks Tim. When you say, ‘that belief makes them happy until it doesn’t’ obviously referring to people who believe they are perfect. We’re not in a perfect world, people are far from perfect and our lifestyles are far from perfect.

      The more we think we’re perfect the less we will work at life, the more we will hold on to our thoughts of thinking we’re perfect. If we were perfect, getting our lives right around our perfection we wouldn’t be with the coronavirus.

      I edited out perfection years ago. Growing up with a disability I didn’t know I had made me ‘not perfect’ and that was fine, I have replaced it with other thoughts.

      We need a reality check and fast. We’re running out of time to readdress the natural world issue and that includes saving the human species also.

      Where does that make us perfect?

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