6 thoughts on “A Karl R Popper quote

  1. Isn’t that the truth. People are truly showing the extent of their ignorance during this pandemic seeing as they refuse to do the very things that will not only save their own lives but everyone else’s lives too.

    It just boggles my mind that people continue to act this way, but it doesn’t really surprise me. What is it going to take for people to do the right thing?

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, I assume it’ll be more deaths, even those who are choosing not to mask up. What I find abhorrent is that the UK PM had coronavirus himself and is still risk taking in sending out his advice.

      What it shows is that ignorance is costly. We cannot afford more loss of life. New Zealand’s PM tonight has now put New Zealand back into lockdown after they now have 4 more cases of covid.

      We must all work together to help reduce the effects of covid and learn to manage and live alongside it.

  2. I completely agree with this quote. Many forces, past and present, work to perpetuate ignorance.

    Our job as a society is to get at those structures wherever they exist and to ensure we break the cycle through the acquisition of knowledge, respect and understanding.

    1. Thanks. Yes, that’s right. We need it to happen soon, before we lose more people to Covid_19.

      I believe it very much depends on whether we’re willing to support each other, break the cycle, acquire the knowledge and bring about the understanding we need to control the virus.

      Whilst we’re not in control of the virus, more people will lose their lives. Please mask up.

  3. I think people surrender to ignorance because it’s less painful. As proof, I point to people attending crowded bars, swimming pools and restaurants, despite the obvious danger of contracting Covid-19.

    Ignorance is bliss or could be an aspect of ones upbringing, either way there are consequences. So with so much weighing on us today, ignorance is precisely what we don’t need, not now.

    1. Thanks Tim. Yes, only in the short term. Long term ignorance is painful because we miss its signs, will choose not to deal with our issues, will continue to blame others, and ignore our responsibilities.

      Also, as we’ve seen with the virus, ignorance is dangerous and deadly. Ignored at our peril.

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