4 thoughts on “A Ken Blanchard quote

  1. I love this quote. It is so appropriate now the UK has left the EU for outdated and selfish political reasons and as countries around the world currently face the pandemic.

    There is strength in unity.

    1. ‘There is strength in unity’ – absolutely. I’m happy to leave the rest of your response with you. True again.

    2. We have been foolish in so many ways, but now we realize we’re closely related, or even one and the same.

      This quote is timely and incredibly honest. There is strength in unity, as Brad says.

      1. Thanks Tim. Yes, I would like to think we all now realise we’re closely related, or even one and the same, but can’t help but think some of us are a long way off.

        When you look at what’s happening in the world today, you’re absolutely right, we do need unity.

        In a way what’s happening with the coronavirus is proof we’re not always getting it right.

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