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  1. I like this quote. It suggests that self reflection is important, as it enables us to assess the patterns and activities of our daily lives to see how our actions contribute to our overall well being, success, and happiness or otherwise, and using that to move forward, rather than dwelling on the negative.

    1. Yes, self-reflection is massively important because it allows for a bigger, or wider understanding from us and that allows us to think positively.

  2. I’m sure this would be a lot more productive for me, rather than me get bogged down by morbid reflection and chronic anxiety over things that usually never happen.

    It ends up becoming a swirling cesspool of negativity that I have a hard time escaping from, because it’s all too familiar to me and what I am used to dealing with.

    People always love to look at situations like mine and wonder what the hell is wrong with me when they have no idea of the fact that in my world, it quickly becomes the norm and I forget that there are better ways to live.

    I am hoping and praying that once I get used to living on my own and with myself, things will be better.

    1. Thanks Randy. Yes, reflection is definitely worth doing. Over a period of time if you continually use reflection as a healing tool, you will begin to notice just how much lighter things feel.

      It has not only given me a life but it has given me understanding on issues I carried the guilty for, then realising none of it was my guilt to carry.

      Also, part of what you describe in your first paragraph is me now, but as a child I continually dealt with bad thoughts which I would class as ‘morbid reflection’ and ‘chronic anxiety.’

      When I’m dealing with or am in the throws of anxiety, I don’t go back to bad thoughts like I used to, but I do have tendency to talk myself into things.

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